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CFA - Continuous Flight Auger bored piling

In addition to our range of driven steel piling techniques VolkerGround Engineering also provides in situ concrete bored piling, utilising the Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) technique.

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Driven sheet piles

VolkerGround Engineering is able to offer its clients a range of driven piling solutions to suit most site ground conditions where driven piles are the most economic foundation scheme.

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Bored Piling

Where structural requirements dictate higher bearing loads, increased pile diameters greater than 1200mm can be provided through the use of higher torque (power) rotary bored piling rigs.

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Steel sheet piling

VolkerGround Engineering can design and install a variety of sheet pile retaining walls depending upon the individual project requirements and ground conditions. A sheet pile wall can be used in...

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Silent piling

Silent piling or the ‘press-in’ technique is a non dynamic method for the installation of steel tubular or sheet piles.

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