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Case studies

From our base in the north west of England we are ideally located to serve all sectors of the UK construction market.

We have undertaken projects as far afield as Guernsey, Belfast and the Scottish Islands.

Our working methods can be tailored to suit the local environment, whether it is working over water or installing sheet piling in a city centre. We have a great deal of experience working to strict environmental controls using the most cost-effective, sustainable methods.

Challenging ground conditions such as heavy boulders and rock may also require such techniques to penetrate to design levels. Support to the surrounding ground in the temporary condition, prior to concreting, can be achieved by the use of steel casing installed either segmentally or in single lengths, depending upon the underlying ground. Present day high torque rotary rigs that are utilised in rotary bored piling, are capable of installing their own segmental casing, screwing it into the ground ahead of spoil excavation. Single lengths where used, are generally installed using an attendant crane and driven by a vibratory piling hammer.