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As a major employer in the construction industry we take seriously our responsibilities to act in line with appropriate legislation, as well as with our own policies which deal specifically with colleagues and the people we come into contact with. We continue to provide a safe working environment in which employees can continue their personal development and are building a culture in which ethical business practice continues to thrive.


To provide a supportive environment where all our employees have the time and resources to achieve their own ambitions for the good of our clients, the company and themselves.

Health, safety and wellbeing

Continually strive to prevent work related injuries and ill-heath of our employees and those working on our behalf, whilst improving their wellbeing.


Maintain clearly defined management systems, interfaces and responsibilities that are understood and accepted by all.


To stimulate the learning and development of our employees.


To attract employees and volunteers from all cultures and socio-economic groups, in order to develop and retain the skills and talent needed to meet our business objectives.