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Steel Sheet piling

VolkerGround Engineering can design and install a variety of sheet pile retaining walls depending upon the individual project requirements and ground conditions. A sheet pile wall can be used in either a permanent or temporary works application in either a land or marine environment.

We were contracted to install a sheet piled wall as part of the Manchester Metrolink Trafford Park line. You can watch the installation here:

This application has been used on a number of flood alleviation schemes around the country, providing both existing embankment stabilisation and flood prevention barriers.

In permanent works a high quality finish can be achieved to such an extent that the steel face can be merely painted rather than providing a concrete facing wall in front of the sheet piles. This has been widely used in the construction of underground car parks within basement structures, which has proved to be extremely cost effective.

Retaining wall design is one of the key services provided by VolkerGround Engineering, whether at the initial costing of project works or the final construction scheme. Our experienced designers are able to advise and provide clients with the most cost effective structural solution for either temporary or permanent schemes.

Once designed and priced, VolkerGround Engineering are able to select the most suitable plant from their own fleet, for the construction of the sheet pile retaining wall.

Steel piles can provide a cost effective solution to a wide range of foundation applications. Manufactured in continental Europe, steel piling is especially suitable for building structures in a sustainable and cost effective manner. Major manufacturers form steel sheet piling in electric arc furnaces, utilising a blend of scrap products from a variety of sources. The chemical content of steel piles is strictly controlled in order to produce material of acceptable section modulus, to satisfy all current construction and design codes, particularly with regard to the relevant Euro Codes, and CE certifications.

HZM/AZ steel sheetpiles can provide an economical combination wall using steel sheet piling and sections combined to form a permanent wall that is capable of supporting both vertical and lateral building loads. The high section modulus of the steel piles can ensure that minimal surface deflections are recorded. This makes the system useful for deeper excavations, where only concrete diaphragm walls had previously been considered.

Steel piling, in the form of interlinked tubular piles and sheets, has been widely used in this country in the formation of marine quay walls. VolkerGround Engineering has completed such a structure, in partnership with VolkerStevin, on the refurbishment of Berths 201 – 202, for the Port of Southampton. The berths were dredged and extended to take the new generation of pan panamex container vessels with increased berth depth requirements. VolkerGround Engineering has also completed a variety of retaining walls, using a silent piling technique.