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Angel Court


VolkerGround Engineering was employed by Cruden Construction for a £0.35m contract to install 223no. 600mm diameter Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles to depths of 15m. The works formed a contiguous basement wall and bearing piles as part of a nine-story apartment development on Angel Street, Manchester.

The build was completed with a PVE 55 CFA piling rig and constructed bearing piles from an upper level of the same site.

VolkerGround Engineering worked collaboratively with Cruden and provided a cost-effective solution for the client. The contiguous retaining wall and the bearing piles were both completed in the same visit to reduce mobilisation costs, saving the client £50,000.

In certain areas of the wall, the main contractor required other sub-contractors to over-dig, which would increase deflection. VolkerGround Engineering offered design assistance to ensure a safe solution was provided. The project at Angel Court was one of minimal disturbance to the public. VolkerGround Engineering worked with the principal contractor keeping within the required public noise limits.

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