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Case studies

From our base in the north west of England we are ideally located to serve all sectors of the UK construction market.

We have undertaken projects as far afield as Guernsey, Belfast and the Scottish Islands.

Our working methods can be tailored to suit the local environment, whether it is working over water or installing sheet piling in a city centre. We have a great deal of experience working to strict environmental controls using the most cost-effective, sustainable methods.

Silent piling or the ‘press-in’ technique is a non dynamic method for the installation of steel tubular or sheet piles. It utilises hydraulic rams to push the piles into the ground and is commonly marketed as ‘silent piling’, which is vibration free.

This type of piling has become increasingly popular in dense urban areas where piling noise and vibration can be an issue. The first press-in machine was developed in Japan in the mid ‘70s and in order to reduce the size of the piling machine, installation was based upon the reaction principle, derived from adjacent piles.